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Rising Star Travel is a full service travel agency that specializes in tour related bookings.  We will work hard to make your principals, band, and crew as comfortable as possible while on the road. We are here to anticipate and eliminate many of the headaches that naturally come with group travel.  You have enough to do setting up the venue, handling the contract, managing sound, catering needs, and meet-n-greets.  You don't need the added stress of arranging HOW to get there and WHERE to stay once you arrive!  Our agents will handle that and much more.

Rising Star Travel agents come alongside your tour schedule integrating personal service, precise attention to detail, and connections to help make your travels go smooth! You receive individualized, one-on-one travel consulting, followed up with our world-wide service and availability. Day or night, holidays, weekends, whenever you are working, Rising Star Travel is there.

We have extensive experience in different areas including working for the airlines, marketing, venues, and even as Tour Managers. This gives us a unique perspective and understanding of the music business from the inside out. We know there are special needs: last minute ground transportation if your tour bus breaks down, extra hotel rooms required at the last minute, musician changes that require re-ticketing, etc. Rising Star Travel takes care of ANY and ALL travel issues quickly to your complete satisfaction.

We are familiar with Master Tour, Atourbook, Artist Growth and have the ability to load all of your travel information into the touring software program of your choice. We provide a detailed and concise travel spreadsheet that has everything you need in one place so you can get the group on the road. This eliminates the need to scroll through endless emails looking for a hotel address or contact number! Rising Star Travel will work with your accounting reps to rectify the travel bill with your label if needed including instant access to reporting features should that be desirable for your organization.

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